Full Service and Product Warranty

We offer our customers technical assistance and a full one year warranty on all products covering all manufacturing defects.,Our manufacturing facility is completely computerized to provide our customers efficiency, reliability, high quality and timely shipments

Spare Parts

We can supply spare parts within 15 business days or sooner. Please offer the parts number and when the machine you bought and what the brand of engine, transmission etc . Currently, part numbers are not available on-line. You can offer the parts number from your Parts Book, or, if it is a simple part, please describe the part and send us an order online. If you are not sure, please Contact Us directly.

Quality, Reliability

HANVY are well known throughout the world as powerful, versatile, reliable while they are designed as simple machines for easy serviceability. They are ideal for farming as well as many other applications. Our factory and methods of manufacturing have been approved by ISO9001 quality system since 1993.,some model have EEC ,Emark certificate .


We can ship product in Wuhan, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen, Fujian , China to anywhere in the world.

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